SSP fluct

fluct is No.1 SSP in Japan

fluct is the No.1 Supply-Side Platform in Japan. fluct has already enjoyed a partnership with several great adnetworks and DSPs such as Yahoo Japan, inMobi Japan, Omnibus, Zucks and others. fluct serves over 39 billion impressions to 15,000+ affiliated media on PC and mobile every month in Japan. The number of impressions and partners grows at a staggering pace each day.


What is Supply-Side Platfrom?


A Supply-Side Platform (SSP) is a technology platform which enables publishers to manage their ad impression inventory and maximize revenue. A SSP has a interface to connect with an ad exchange and Demand-Side Platform (DSP) through Real-Time Bidding.

fluct has interfaced to demand side networks and we determines the advertiser who is willing to pay the most for each impression.

Partnership with major Ad Networks and DSPs

fluct enjoys partnerships with a variety of Ad Networks and DSPs on PC and mobile platforms. Once you connect with fluct, you won’t need to reach out to anyone else!

  • AdRoll
  • BidSwitch
  • criteo
  • DoubleClick Bit Manager
  • mediamath
  • openx
  • TURN
  • rocketfuel
  • yahoo