Information about GOLDSPOT Service

Our GOLDSPOT is a third-party ad serving service, which means when a user views a website, we, not the publisher, serve an ad to the user’s browser. As Privacy Mark certified company, we take users’ privacy very seriously and thus we provide information we acquire. When we serve ads using GOLDSPOT, we collect following information

1. Cookie

We use functionality cookie to distinguish you from other users. This cookie allows us to recognize you when you see the same ad. We do not use cookies for targeting. The cookie we use expires in 2years. To opt-out of the cookie we use, please click here.

2. IP address

We gather Internet Protocol(IP) addresses to record and inspect ad fraud. Record of the IP address is deleted within a month from the day of retrieving.
We have certified by JIPDEC that we have taken appropriate measures to protect personal information and we comply with Japan Industrial Standards (JIS Q 15001).
We appropriately handle above-stated information in accordance with our internal regulations.


If you have questions, comments, or concerns related to our privacy policy, please contact us at